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Mar. 30th, 2025 10:22 pm
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CHARACTER NAME: Aethan Sunstriker
CHARACTER SERIES: World of Warcraft


Backtagging: Sure thing!
Threadhopping: I LOVE THIS especially for the lulz.
Fourthwalling: Ask first, please!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'm pretty laid back, this shouldn't be much of an issue.


Hugging this character: Yes please, he loves hugs!!
Kissing this character: Well you're welcome to try, he'll probably be confused and flustered.
Flirting with this character: Absolutely, but he's pretty dense to romantic advances.
Fighting with this character: Sure thing! He's always up for a spar now and then; as far as actual fighting goes he's hesitant BUT I ENJOY IT SO WE'LL WORK IT OUT.
Injuring this character: Go for it, he's a pallypaladin after all.
Killing this character: We'll discuss it first!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Why not?

Warnings: Excessive discussion of shields.

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blurbity blurb about aethan )

At first glance, Aethan seems like a pretty simple guy. And he is! Or, at least, he wants to be. But those with keen eyes and sharp observational skills will notice that he is not all that he appears to be. Like an onion (or an ogre), he has many layers.

But let's start with the basics! Aethan's defining characteristics are more or less as follows: loyalty, kindness, generosity, and a fierce, unswaying protectiveness. He's generally that all around good guy, and he would give a stranger the shirt off his back, if they only ask it of him. Aethan believes that there isn't enough kindness in the world, and he more or less makes it his mission in life to make people smile, to make them laugh, to help them forget the things that pain or stress them, even if only momentarily. He can't fix everyone's problems every moment of the day, but you had damn well better believe that he'll try!

Was he born with these characteristics? Yes, absolutely. Though certain events in his life have tested these traits, tempered them, and reinforced them - Aethan is sort of a prime example of the What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger thing. Losing his family, his siblings - young Jaelyn especially - tried and tested him greatly, and for a time after, Aethan was in danger of losing these bright aspects that embodied who he was - his gentleness, his willingness to give, to love, to help, but in the end his loyalty prevailed, and his promise to Jaelyn won out over any and all personal pain and suffering. Unable to be selfish enough even to mourn, he must live to be happy, to see others made happy, to do everything possible in his own power to see to it that no one ever has to experience such terrible pain and loss. He is the shield, both physically and psychologically - he will protect others, regardless of whether he is close with them or not, in any way he can, whether this means with sword and shield, or a well timed laugh, smile, or joke. Nearly everything Aethan says or does is for the benefit of another, in some way.

Which leads us to the simple debate.

There's no doubting that Aethan really wants nothing more than to be a simple guy. Fame, riches, glory - none of these interest him, and he was perfectly content to live as a blacksmith, working with the earth, fishing and mining and crafting. Had history not intervened, he would gladly have remained this way forever, living simply, building and laughing and loving, spending time with his family, never really reaching for the stars, as most others of his race seem keen to do. That sort of life just isn't for him! Or so he had thought. Though he is a paladin now, and a seasoned adventurer, Aethan still treasures the simple things most dearly - alone time spent with friends, a few drinks shared with others, good food, good company, and good sleep.

But that isn't to say that he lacks complexity, or intelligence. He possesses both of these things, and in good amounts! Much of Aethan's outward exuberance is in fact a front. With the attack on Quel'Thalas, and the subsequent slaughtering of ninety percent or his race, one can imagine that the spirits of the sin'dorei were not very high. In a way, Aethan took it upon himself to help in any way possible, and he soon learned that his overt friendliness and clumsy antics often made his peers smile, made them laugh, and that, to him, was more precious than any protection that a shield could offer. To bring them warmth and happiness, to alleviate their anguish and agony - even momentarily - was well worth a little silliness. But those who dig deeply enough, or watch closely enough, will discover a keen wit beneath all of his noisy blather, though Aethan will still never much care for books. He's also relatively rough around the edges - he tends to speak without thinking, more often than not, and therefore he's very often putting his foot into his mouth.

Though Aethan is a good judge of character, it's incredibly easy to manipulate him into helping you. Helping is what he wants to do, after all, and though much of his naivete is playacting, his heart is still very big and soft, and he will help almost anyone, at any time, in any way, if he truly thinks that it will benefit them. Need something off a high shelf? He'll be there! Stuck in a rut, surrounded by enemies? He'll cut them down, even if you're a member of an opposing faction - because no one deserves to die in an unfair fight! Need a big, meaty shoulder to cry on? He'll let you hug him all night. Need him to take a knife in the back for you? He's absolutely your man. In this way, it's easy for less savory characters to twist him to do their bidding; even if he sees through their ruses, he's more often than not still willing to help. Because helping is what he does. He just can't stop himself. Aethan is somewhat prone to rash, bad decisions.

That said, despite being an adventurer, and a paladin, Aethan actually really abhors fighting, and he will avoid it at all costs, if he can, which is primarily why he spent so long working as a blacksmith, pointedly avoiding the family path of the paladin. He fights now, but to protect others, mainly, and even then, only when he must; Aethan will never be the first to strike a blow. Can't we just hug it out?

And so, in a nutshell, Aethan is pretty much a happy helperton. He wears his great big heart on his sleeve, he's incredibly warm, amiable, and friendly, and he would lay down his very life for those he loves - even perhaps for those that he doesn't. Protecting others is not only his calling, it is his very way of life, and he cannot stand to disappoint or hurt others. To have someone hurt - or worse, killed - because of him would be a devastating blow, and Aethan sees to it that he does everything in his power to keep people smiling, to keep them happy, to keep them safe. This is often overwhelming, as obviously not everyone can be happy and safe all of the time, and it is impossible to protect everyone when you are only one man - but Light willing, he will surely try! Aethan is loyal, compassionate, and sympathetic. He is sweet, kind, a little bit dense, prone to naivete, and altogether tactless and rough around the edges. A gentle giant, Aethan is like a mama bear - big and warm and lumbering, but ferocious when protecting those important to him! Overall, however, he's a big softie, lovable and generous and playful. The weight of the world is on his shoulders, and he bears it gladly, so that others do not have to.



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